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C# Email Server  v.rc

C# Email Server (CES). Implements SMTP and POP3 components that can be used as a standalone server or as components in other

Java SMTP/POP EMail Server  v.rc

Provide an Open Source Java Email Server that supports

Easy Email Server  v.1.0

This is simple modular SMTP/POP3 Email server written in PHP. it uses a MYSQL database for user authentication. supports user alias and can handle multiple domains.

Java EMail Server and Messaging System  v.0.1

JEM is an SMTP server with pluggable components that let youprocess email in any way you like. It can also extend beyondemails into generalised message processing (like JMS) and caneven generate its own messages based on a Cron-like

Hermes EMail Server  v.

Hermes is a basic SMTP/POP3 server with source code. Its free to use. Read the license. Send bug reports or improvement

Nymserv Email Pseudonym Server  v.1.0

An anonymous pseudonym email server, such as that which runs

MDaemon FREE Mail Server for Windows  v.10.04

MDaemon FREE mail server software is a free 5-user license Windows-based mail server. Available in multiple languages and supports SMTP and POP3 protocols. Features remote administration and a powerful webmail client.

Spam Control (Server)  v.1.30

Spam Control is a Mailfilter for Email Server - Exchange Server to protect MS Windows Email Server against Spam-Emails. Spam Control checks all incoming E-Mails. Is it Spam then Spam Conrol will not accept the Email and protect so the Email Server

Email Appliance  v.1.0

This email appliance is to help anyone to setup and maintain their full functional email server with much less effort by using virtual appliance

Open JMail Server  v.0.12.alpha

Welcome to the project page of the Open JMail Server - a scalable Java email server. Features POP, SMTP, IMAP, dynamic pluggable storage design, modular protocol handling, easy XML configuration and much

Yubox Server  v.2008

Yubox Server is a Linux distribution intended to be a all-in-one networking solution, including firewall, email server, bandwidth management, NATing, proxy, etc. All these services can be configured from a friendly Web based

Bynari ExportPST  v.5.0.1

Migrating from one email server platform to another provides multiple challenges, especially if you are migrating with PST files. Every user's PST file is different. Migrating with PST files is time consuming, and migration tools for Outlook and IMAP

SmarterMail Free Edition  v.11.0.4821

Leading Email Server Software in Total Cost of Ownership

SecExMail SOHO  v.1.5

Free email encryption utility for personal and corporate use. SecExMail works as a proxy, which means it configures itself to be between your email client and your email server. It automatically encrypts and decrypts email as it's sent or received.

Spam Strainer Pro  v.1.0.6

Spam Strainer was specially designed to help keep your POP3 email inbox clear of junk and spam email messages. It does this by checking your email server to see what messages are waiting. It then marks the ones it thinks are spam and with a click

CellApps Corporate  v.4.0

CellApps Corporate edition allows to enable any application on SMS. CellApps Corporate edition also includes messaging and email interface layer to allow access to your POP3 complaint email server on SMS. CellApps Corporate edition includes facility

Dyndns Client  v.3

DynDns is a client program that helps users who have a DSL, cable, satellite connection to host their servers. The DynDnsClient make the corresponding relation between the domain name and the machine. It allows you to define your MX email server and

MagicVortex  v.1.8.168

magicVORTEX is a file transfer service that makes it easy to send large files to anyone on the Internet. It uses your email address but does not send the files through your email server. Instead, it uses the same method as your web browser to

ImportServer POP3 Edition for Mac OS  v.2.0.2

Helps you import email into email applications. Specifically, the ImportServer acts like an email server that holds all your old email, ready to be downloaded into your new email application. Use ImportServer when your new email application does not

Dspam-filter  v.20040604

dspam-filter is a filter to invoke the anti-spam tool DSPAM directly from the embedded maildrop in vpopmail via dot-qmail forwarding. DSPAM masquerades as the email server's LDA. However most users of Qmail prefer to leave the qmail-queue

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